Mary McCaffrey

I was born in County Leitrim, Ireland and presently live in Belfast with my husband John and my son Sean. 

I studied for my diploma in Foundation Studies Art and Design at Castlereagh College, Belfast before going to University of Ulster where I graduated in 2008 with a BA (hons) degree in Fine & Applied Art. and graduated in June, 2010 with a Master of Fine Art, at the University of Ulster, Belfast.

I worked voluntarily in the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. I found the experience most beneficial.  I  gained a lot of experience in the daily work of a gallery particularly the setting up of exhibitions with artists and curators. On opening nights of exhibitions

I have the experience of working in the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane where I worked in the Conservation Department.

While employed in the Ulster Museum in Belfast as Private Secretary to the Registrar, I worked voluntarily in the Conservation Department.

I have worked in St. Ita's Primary School with Key Stage 1 children in preparation for the opening of the new school - an installation of the Christmas nativity which was on display in the main foyer of the school. The MDF boards where shaped and painted with the children.

For my professional practice I chose to work in St. Ita’s Primary School. I was fortunate that the official opening of the new school would take place on the 1st December 2006, The curricular area of art would play a major role on this day, and I was asked to lead with the assistance of teaching staff, the art presentation, for the official opening, as well as assisting in helping to deliver the National Curriculum. As pupil input was a necessity this would enable me to engage with this topic through ‘direct experience’. To date, I have been working with all year groups in Key Stage 1, in the preparation for the artistic presentation.  At all times I allowed the children to express their own individualism. As fun is a prime motivation for making art, I at all times encouraged pupils to express their own art, through painting. It was interesting to note that the children in all age groups were allowed to develop their own ideas; this stimulated them to make art. I was responsible for devising a 3D painting which would occupy the main entrance foyer of the school, (15 foot long), for the official opening.

For many years I have being attending Bog Oak carving classes instructed by renowned artist Eamonn Maguire. I have been fortunate in having one of my carvings of a boat presented on national television, whilst on exhibition at St. Mary's University College, Belfast.


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